7 February 2017

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7 February 2017,

Different Types of Outdoor Showers

An outdoor shower is an outdoor shower, right?

Hear that buzzer sound?  That means “wrong answer”.  Because not only are there three main types of outdoor showers but, among them, you have a wide range of features, options, and styles to choose from.  Let’s have a look.


Portable Outdoor Shower

Portable showers are the most budget friendly option. You can move them around in your yard and even take them camping…or anywhere else with a water supply and hose.


Stand-Alone Outdoor Shower

Stand-alone showers are built away from a house or building and include their own underground plumbing. Some stand-alone showers can be moved and attached to a garden hose or a double hose that runs hot and cold.  If you’re not sure where you want to place your shower, this is an option well worth considering.


Wall-Mounted Outdoor Shower

This is the most permanent and durable of the three options since it must be fitted and attached to your home.  Most often, wall-mounted showers are found next to a pool or in some other convenient spot.  With a wall-mounted shower, you also have the option of building an enclosure for greater privacy. 


Benefits of an Outdoor Shower

If you’re still wondering if an outdoor shower is for you, regardless of which type, let’s look at the most common reasons our customers ask us to install them:

  • Clean up the kids before they can make a mess of your house.
  • It gives you one more way to refresh yourself on a hot day, especially if you’ve been exercising or working in the yard.
  • Depending how fancy you get, an outdoor shower can give your home a resort-like quality.
  • With the right enclosure, you’ll also have a convenient place to clean your dog with greater ease.
  • If you have a pool, how have you managed without an outdoor shower for so long? It’s not just a place to clean up before or after swimming, but makes for a great changing area, too.
  • And let’s not forget the most obvious reason of all to consider an outdoor shower for your home: it promises to deliver one fun and refreshing experience after another.

To learn more about adding a stand-alone or wall-mounted outdoor shower to your property, contact the plumbing professionals at Plumbtastic today.  We’re ready to answer all your questions, provide you with a guaranteed upfront price quote and, with your approval, get busy making it happen.

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